Stephanie Revennaugh's Poetry in Motion

The artist's impressionistic bronze horse sculptures embody graceful movement

Bronze, 18 x 12 x 5 inches
Instagram: @srevennaugh

THE ARTIST: Stephanie Revennaugh

KNOWN FOR: Impressionistic bronze horse sculptures that embody graceful movement.

BORN THAT WAY: “I didn’t really have a choice about horses or art—they chose me. I was just obsessed from day one. I was that girl in grade school drawing horses on her homework. My parents put me in a riding club, and I got to compete in jumping.”

MAGICAL CONNECTION:“There’s just this magic with horses: it’s that language, that unspoken communication. Now, I’m competing in eventing—dressage and jumping, cross-country and stadium—and there’s a partnership that you’re developing; you’re trying to become one with this horse. I think it’s that connection that horses and humans can develop that is so compelling to me.”

OPPOSITES ATTRACT:  “There’s such a dichotomy in the horse: They’re so strong but they’re also so fragile at the same time; they’re masculine and feminine; they’re wild but they’re very domesticated. I love push and pull—in sculpture and in paintings, and just in life in general—I like the contrast, the balance, of opposites.”

RAW TEXTURE:  “I’m really interested in texture—that’s what drives me. So, the form of the horse, that’s the excuse for me to explore texture. My work is very loose, very raw. That leaves something for the viewer’s mind to finish. I suggest details, just like an Impressionist painting—a feeling that their mind can fill in, so there’s an engagement there. It’s like poetry versus the dictionary.”

WESTERN ENERGY:  “I really resonate with the Rocky Mountain West—it’s grand and it’s vast and it’s kind of aggressive. That energy is also kind of what is in my work too. People say there’s so much movement, that they can feel the horse.”

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