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Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club – Owner’s Lodge

Time spent in Steamboat Springs often feels like coming home. Although Steamboat is mostly known for its world-class skiing, the resort town is also recognized for its heritage and hospitality.

From various activities such as restaurant dining, retail and outdoor excursions, the town’s base area and village has something to offer for everyone. While Heritage and hospitality may have served as the original draw to this authentic community, it is the innovative architecture and contemporary styles emerging from within Steamboat Springs’ design community that inspires interest in the Steamboat lifestyle today.

Here, you’ll discover architects, interior designers and property realtors who celebrate decades of business in Steamboat, as well as newcomers who are just beginning to make their mark. You will also find artists who honor the West’s natural beauty as an ode to their captivating surroundings. Above all, the unique spirit of Steamboat unties their work and is a true representation of this globally recognized mountain town.

Tranquility + Style

Lot 18 34815 Panorama Dr, Steamboat Springs, Co 80487

Building a custom mountain home can be a daunting endeavor, but the private, luxury ranch community Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club, located just minutes from the chairlifts at Steamboat ski resort, aims to change that with a new design + build program engineered to make creating your dream home as effortless as living in it.

What is the ‘new world-class’ movement that is currently trending in Steamboat Springs?

The ‘new world-class’ means, gone are the days when to buyers, luxury meant rubbing elbows with others at a white gloved service country club. Today, the luxury market seeks wide open spaces, with room to roam. Authentic luxury is the name of the game.

What is the benefit of using Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club’s Design + Build program?

Our buyers receive A-Z, custom home design and building services- all in house. We make building a luxury residence easy.

What are the top amenities at Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club?

Bordered by Steamboat resort and connected by cart path to Catamount golf club, the ranch features 63, five-acre homesites, and is set in a wildlife preserve. Ski-in/ski-out access at our private social club at the base of the mountain and fly fishing on the Yampa, are our favorite amenities.

What is the architectural style at Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club?

Our residents are building with a contemporary style in mind. Mountain-contemporary and mountain-transitional are our top two design trends.

What homes and homesites are available today?

Three new custom homes, priced at $4.5 million+, and 5-acre homesites, priced from $1.5 million.

Suzanne Schlicht, SVP + Director of Sales, licensed broker with Colorado Group Realty
970-846-0817 |
Steamboat Springs

Custom Made Simple

Vaussa Geesey Residence 01

President of Vaussa, Beau Christiansen discusses his full-range design and construction services, which truly accommodate Steamboat’s homeowners each step of the way.

You refer to Vaussa as a “Boutique Luxury Builder.” What does working with a small company mean to your clients?

When working with Vaussa, we meet our clients’ unique needs while giving them undivided focus and attention. As a full-range luxury builder, I am the single point of contact at all stages of designing and building a home. Not only do I orchestrate the design work, but I also manage the build and construction which makes the entire process easier for our clients. Being a full-service custom contractor is truly what sets Vaussa apart from other builders. From planning and design to construction and contracting, Vaussa is the only source you need when delving into the home build process.

Do you have any upcoming projects you are excited about?

I have a few high-end, luxury spec homes coming out that I am particularly excited about. For me, designing a spec home is very enjoyable because I have the opportunity to get creative and incorporate my own design style when building from the ground up. Not every home buyer has the time to wait for their dream home to be built, therefore spec homes can also make the buying process easier for clients.

You have been in business for over 10 years. What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to continue providing great service and creating unique luxury residences for my clients. We strive to be a ‘construction concierge service’ who is with you every step of the way. When constructing and designing your dream space, we are the beginning, end, and everywhere in between.

Beau Christiansen, President/CEO
435-229-7082 |
Steamboat Springs

Accelerating Beyond Architecture

Mjko Samford Residence

Michael J.K. Olsen focuses on bringing clients’ ideas to life through architecture and innovative design.

As an architect, what drives your passion when it comes to designing projects in Steamboat?

Simultaneously incorporating the spirit of the region, our firm translates the diverse ideas of numerous clients. We are motivated by our clientele within the Steamboat region, and our goal is to figure out inventive ways to bring their ideas to life. These challenges and inspirations drive us, allowing us to continuously push our creations to new limits. Through our collaborative team environment and desire to meet our client’s specific needs, our work shows our passion for architecture and embodies the spirit of Steamboat.

What can clients expect when working with Michael J.K. Olsen? What sets you apart from other architects?

Regardless of the size, time, or demands of the project, we find that it is  not necessarily the project that brings the most rewarding results, but rather the act of successfully meeting the clients’ goals. We feel that we did a successful job when we are able to discover and explore different design elements, which makes the project rewarding for all parties involved. At Michael J.K. Olsen, we understand that the design and construction process can be overwhelming, especially with the myriad of decisions that are required. Responding to the diverse ideas and perspectives clients bring to the table and being able to translate such ideas takes the work out of our clients’ hands.

Michael Olsen, Principal
970-870-1584 |
Steamboat Springs

Unique Modern Design

Rumor Design Behr Cabin 05 19 20 Master Bedroom Bath Shadow Web

For over 10 years, Rumor Designs has been creating functional, well-designed and fashionable spaces for residential and commercial projects in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Leslie, a lead designer at Rumor Designs, has given us insight about their work.

Are there any design trends you are gravitating towards this season?

The longer I’m in the design industry, the more I tend to gravitate towards classic, timeless designs. As trends come and go, we have been loving mix-and-match designs. Mixing and matching cabinetry with an island accent, or selecting colored cabinetry paired with a wood island gives a room an added twist. We’ve also been mixing prints and patterns through upholstery, wallpaper and area rugs. We stay current by infusing different elements and adding our own unique flare.

Is there a main theme that unites your design style?

Neutral colors often unite my design style, which is a combination of classic and contemporary. With a fresh coat of paint, almost any space can be brought to life. A neutral backdrop allows for other interchangeable design elements such as artwork and furniture to make an impact in the space.

How do you help clients feel involved in the design process?

In our digital landscape, it’s been a lot of fun to keep clients involved. We create digital mood boards and three dimensional drawings, similar  to what you see on popular design shows. I‘m in constant communication with my clients, sending updates when necessary and helping them to feel in control of their project even from afar. The relationship I develop with a client during their project keeps me inspired—when we are on the same page, everything flows smoothly from the design, to budget and timing.

Valarie Stafford & Lindsey Jamison, Co-Owners
970-819-9721 |
Steamboat Springs

An Extraordinary Mountain Retreat

Vanatta Sotheby's 034 Redemption Ranch

Strawberry Park Ranch offers a private valley of pristine acreage filled with exquisite scenery and picturesque views. Located in close proximity to Steamboat’s world-class ski resort, the 562-acre property offers convenience as well as ideal mountain privacy.

The Strawberry Park Ranch is only 15 minutes from Steamboat’s ski resort. Can you tell me more about the surrounding amenities?

Strawberry Park Ranch is a pristine 562-acre ranch only 5 minutes from downtown Steamboat and just 15 minutes to world-class skiing at Steamboat Ski Resort. It is rare to find a beautiful mountain sanctuary that is so close to a ski town, yet is also private and secluded. This is truly a ‘best of both worlds’ location—offering convenience to nearby ski town amenities yet removed enough for exceptional privacy.

Aside from gorgeous views, what other offerings does the 562-acre property contain?

This private mountain retreat offers an unparalleled combination of stunning scenery, diverse landscape, fishing stream and lake, abundant wildlife, remarkable privacy and recreational opportunities. The ranch features one mile of Soda Creek with wild brook trout, a 1.5- acre stocked fishing lake, several small ponds and additional water rights. The property also inhabits  prime wildlife such as elk, deer, moose, black bear, grouse and Sandhill cranes.

What do you envision for the future land use of this property?

The Ranch is the last remaining undeveloped property within the coveted Strawberry Park address that offers a convenient location to town and the ski mountain. With no structures and no conservation easements, the ranch is a blank canvas for the next owner. In addition to an ideal private retreat, Strawberry Park Ranch has all the attractive characteristics for luxury development, making it an excellent candidate for a conservation easement or conservation-oriented development.

Pam Vanatta, listing agent
970-291-8100 |
Steamboat Springs

Movement Through Glass

Jenniferbaker Majestic Mountain Lake 74w X 48h

From impressionistic landscapes to sculptures, Jennifer Baker‘s glass art truly embodies nature and captures Colorado’s scenic beauty. Jennifer delves into her inspiration for one of her latest landscape creations, Majestic Mountain Lake.

Your art seems to focus on scenes of nature. What inspired “Majestic Mountain Lake”?

I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. Oftentimes, I draw from real-life experiences when creating my glass artwork. However, this particular piece was inspired by the feeling that lingers after I am in the presence of nature. I am truly inspired when I emotionally connect with something—whether it be the movement of trees, streams, or the stoic mountains, I express my emotional connection through the medium of glass.

What does your artistic process look like?

The process of creating and designing fine art made entirely of glass can at times be unpredictable, but equally rewarding. Majestic Mountain Lake is a triptych glass piece that was fired multiple times until I was finally happy with the finished product. Incorporating lines, color and movement, are all essential elements in the firing process that make each piece unique and beautiful.

Jennifer Baker, Artist
970-819-7879 |
Steamboat Springs

As seen in the January/February 2021 issue

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