Shimmers of Joy

Artist Jenna von Benedikt's work reminds us of the good in the world


Treasures Flying
Jenna von Benedikt
Oil on panel
30 x 30 inches

THE ARTIST Jenna von Benedikt

LAYERS OF MYSTERY “Oil paints have a beautiful richness and luminosity to them, and although they take longer to dry, that has also proved helpful in my layering process and when mixing and glazing colors. Often my pieces have multiple layers that have been pushed and pulled around a panel, showing through an almost veil-like background.”

HEAVENLY HUMMINGBIRDS “One meaning of Jenna is ‘Little Bird’ (also Heaven). Instead of creating self-portraits traditionally, I decided to create a series with hummingbirds to reflect the things I believed in and enjoyed in life. Birds have represented messengers (and spirit animals) among many cultures, bridging the gap between heaven and earth, and I enjoyed the thought of creating a positive, ethereal, uplifting series that would remind me, ‘Do I give positive messages to the world?’”

SHARING THE LIGHT “A constant theme in my work has been opposites, but particularly the transitioning from dark to light and light to dark. We all go through cycles of good times and bad. Hopefully, those times help enlighten us more, increase our faith—wherever that may lie—gratitude and joy. I try to infuse jewel-rich colors with gold and silver, which gives a wonderful shimmer, the way the colors on a hummingbird shine in just the right light. People need to be reminded about the good in the world, and I hope seeing my work does that.”

NEXT Jenna von Benedikt is finishing work on a home studio and looking forward to summer exhibitions opening August 12 at Jackson, Wyoming’s, Gallery Wild and August 19 at Salt Lake City’s 15th Street Gallery.

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