Sculpture in the Wild

Installations of colorful, block-like metal abstract sculptures by artist Pard Morrison

fired pigment on aluminum 
Installed at the Denver Botanic Gardens, 2013
Rule Gallery

THE ARTIST: Pard Morrison

BEST KNOWN FOR: Installations of colorful, block-like metal abstract sculptures, resting on land or dipped in water.

INSPIRATION: "Being born and raised in Colorado, I have a strong connection to the West, and I feel that it has significantly shaped my aesthetic," Morrison explains. He is especially sensitive to rural areas. "The West to me is about space, and a minimalist loves nothing more than the activation of space by the specific placement of form."

A SENSE OF PLACE AND PRESENCE: "With the outdoor installations, I am interested in the conversation that begins by the juxtaposition of my geometric forms in a natural setting. For me the most successful installations are ones in which the sculptures are placed where there are no other, or very few, human traces."

PROCESS: Morrison fabricates each piece himself. "I begin by welding the forms together out of aluminum. Then I use giant industrial ovens to heat-cure hand-brushed pigment onto the surface, in a process similar to glazing ceramics. Finally, a UV protective clear coat is fired over the pigment. All of my work can be placed indoors or outdoors.

WHAT'S NEW: Morrison is putting the finishing touches on a permanent site-specific installation that will grace the campus of his alma mater, Colorado State University, in Fort Collins.

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