Rustic Design: The Timeless Trend and How to Own It

Creating a rustic-inspired living space that is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing is important and not always easy to accomplish. Achieving this while complementing the way you live, play and relax is essential. If you enjoy natural beauty that embodies a rugged, simplistic spirit, then rustic may be your style.


Design that focuses on natural, unrefined elements is the embodiment of rustic. Highlighting and emphasizing nature, rustic design is a sensible but eclectic choice for mountain homes to cabins, lodges and city dwellers alike.


Rustic design doesn’t have to be outdated or bulky. Done right, it is timeless and refreshing. Rustic design can be blended with other styles to create a perfect marriage to embody your style; rustic modern, rustic industrial and rustic traditional often combine to create an effortless flow.


Start by adding pieces of nature-inspired allure to your décor. This can be as simple as using natural elements from your landscape and adding them to your table, or reusing old wood for a new project. When you can, use reclaimed wood and building materials in a new setting; this is a naturally rustic addition to your home, and is benefits our environment. Finally, elaborate on your own style; consider whether you want to complement those earthy tones with pops of color or keep a cool monochromatic pallet. 

Diana Vincent is the owner and lead designer at High Camp Home, which offers sophisticated furniture and inspiration for rustic living. View their profile or reach Diana at 530-582-6866.

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