Quick and Easy Vase-wrap Tutorial

Looking for a last-minute way to spruce up your dining table centerpiece? This quick and easy vase-wrap tutorial from the owners of Lace & Lilies flower shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, adds rustic charm to any ordinary vessel.

What You’ll Need:

Sheet moss
Find it at your local home and garden store.

Twine wire
Lace & Lilies suggests using twine in an earth tone to match the moss. Find it at your local craft store.

Lace & Lilies suggests using one type of white flower (such as anemone or hydrangea) to offset the earthy vase.

Simple vase
The one hiding under your kitchen sink will work just fine.


What You Do:

Pull off a piece of sheet moss that’s big enough to cover the circumference of the vase.

Wrap the moss around the vase and hold it in place.

Starting at the bottom of the vase and circling upward, tightly wrap the twine wire around the vase until the moss is secured.

Twist-tie the twine wire to hold it in place. Fill any gaps by pulling off small pieces of moss and securing them individually with extra twine wire. 

Now that you've created this rustic vase, learn How to Build a Blooming Centerpiece [Video].

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