Pick-up Game: The Woolsey Ping Pong Table

California-based furniture maker Sean Woolsey has been creating things with his hands since he was a kid—from clothing to baked goods to skateboard ramps. In 2010 he built his first piece of furniture: a writing desk, gifted to his girlfriend. Since then, he’s committed himself—both to the girl (she’s now his wife) and to the craft. Woolsey’s collection includes built-to-last tables, desks, stools and cutting boards, all engineered with locally sourced wood.

Mixing fun with functionality, the Woolsey Ping Pong Table converts from a sturdy black walnut dining table to a table tennis court with the quick addition of a powder-coated steel net. Complete with a set of leather-backed maple-and-walnut paddles and hand-carved detailing, the versatile piece acts as a stylish venue for dinner parties and backhand swings alike. $9,000; seanwoolsey.com

Categories: Furnishings & Accessories