Perfectly Timed Photos from Yellowstone National Park

From bison to Old Faithful

Beat the crowds of summer, and visit Yellowstone National Park this spring season! You might even catch a rare wildlife moment, from young bison to Old Faithful. Follow me as I touch upon some of the highlights of this national treasure. 


Got an itch for spring? Scratch that itch like a bison does and get dirty at Yellowstone National Park. Early spring means herds of bison roaming the hills. If you’re lucky you’ll catch them wallowing as they deter biting flies and remove tufts of their molted fur. This is also a great time of the year to see their young, jumping and frolicking alongside the herds.



The weather can change fast at Yellowstone in spring. A bright, sunny day can quickly give way to a cold, icy rain. At the Grand Prismatic Spring, watch the weather unfold in the reflections beneath your feet. While the grand geysers and herds of bison receive a significant amount of attention, this is my favorite stop at the park, for it is a confluence of color and seasonal change.



Old Faithful, named for its fairly predictable eruption times, is the main attraction at the park. Get there early to see this tremendous burst of energy erupt from the earth, reminding us of the huge super-volcano below. To help plan your trip, check out the App “NPS Yellowstone Geysers”, available for both the Andriod and Apple systems. 



At any of the major geothermic areas in the park, it looks like paint has been splashed across the landscape. These are actually mats of bacteria, or thermophiles. “Thermo” for heat, or “phile” for lover.

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