Pendleton Pride

For over 100 years, Pendleton has been a style setter, and today from blankets to boots, mounts to mugs, there’s a Pendleton product for everyone

Custom Skull Mount with the modern accent of a Pendleton blanket by artist Seth Patterson, from $695;

Chihuly Pendleton blanket #15, numbered edition of 250, 64” X 80”, $510;

National Park Tall Rainboots by Pendleton with our beloved National Park stripes and vintage logo, seven styles available (five shown here), $150;

Stanley Vacuum Mug with a Pendleton flair, 16 oz. capacity,

Limited-edition blanket,100 percent virgin wool by Pendleton and Snow Peak, $265;

Exclusive Pendelton collection of Sunbrella fabrics, to the trade through

The Butte Chair by Old Hickory with Pendleton fabric, $1,726;

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