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Find out why four of our top mountain interior designers really light up for these dazzling designs, from left to right:

Scripted Pendant Chandelier by Alison Berger Glassworks

âI have always loved Alison Bergerâs lighting; itâs pure, modern and a bit industrial all in one. This particular âWordâ series features lovely script translated from DaVinciâs sketchbook and etched into the glass.â âSteffany Hollingsworth, HVL Interiors, Santa Fe, NM

Milano Chandelier by Gray Morell

âMade of metal and finished with distressed gold and wood accents, this chandelier has an understated formal approach that can be placed in either a traditional or modern setting. Iâve used it in both entry and bedroom applications.â âChristopher K. Coffin, Christopher K. Coffin Design, Phoenix, AZ

Lumiere Chandelier by Jean de Merry

âThis chandelierâs unique design would make a striking statement in any interior, providing a degree of elegance and levity. I love its sculptural aspect and its humor.â âKatherine Reedy, ek.REEDY Interiors, Wilson, WY

Torino Chandelier by Jean de Merry

âI love the warmth of the brass mixed with the dark bronze metal finishâit adds a touch of sophistication and glamour, while the scale of the fixture perfectly complements even the most traditional rooms.â âBarbara Mullen, Carolineâ¢Edwards Interior Design, Aspen, CO

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