Our All-Time-Favorite Rustic Spaces

Our editorial team dug through our archives to find their all-time-favorite rustic spaces

This year, instead of telling you why we love rustic mountain homes, I thought we’d show you. So I asked my partners on Mountain Living’s editorial team to dig through our archives and find their all-time-favorite rustic spaces. Here’s what they chose (and my pick too), and why we think they’re so special.

This rustic bathroom (above) reminds me of the Adirondacks, which I think might be the most romantic place in the world. I love the room’s cozy proportions, the small scale of the logs and, most of all, the ornamental willow saplings that help define each space. —Christine Deorio, Editor in Chief 

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Photo: Audrey Hall

"I’m really drawn to this rustic cabin in the Idaho wilderness. It sits in a river valley and is surrounded by mountains. It’s secluded, simple and so peaceful—all the elements of my dream getaway.”—Loneta Showell, Art Director

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Photo: Audrey Hall

"Nothing is more inviting to me than a cozy reading nook by a fire. This great room’s moss-rock fireplace, antique bookshelves and built-in daybed—topped with faux-fur throws and Native American textiles—make me look forward to the winter months.” —Vanessa De La Rosa, Digital Editor

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Photo: Gibeon Photography

"I love the contrasts in this room: The clean neutral palette makes the bold prints, rustic textures and timeless antiques pop. Add vaulted ceilings, a stunning view of the mountains and an abundance of natural light, and I’m sold.” —Michelle Johnson, Associate Editor

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