Organically Inspired Luxury

Merging beautiful, unique furnishings with sustainability

Sourcing materials in a thoughtful, environmentally sustainable way and still maintaining a sense of high-wattage luxury, glamour and style is totally possible. In fact, we recently completed this project in La Jolla, California using responsibly sourced, reclaimed and repurposed materials with stunning results. And though this is obviously a beach house, the same principles can apply to virtually any home, including your mountain home.

Read on for the inspiring details.

Living Room

Mli Sheepskin

For this stylish living room of a coastal California home, our mission was to create a luxurious, organically-inspired retreat for an executive and his wife.

The faceted cocktail tables and custom stair rails were designed and custom-made in our own local shop using Black Walnut retrieved and reclaimed from a defunct orchard near Santa Barbara. The farmer was repurposing his grove from walnut production into lima beans and a vineyard—so we were able to remove the trees and root systems without new resources—reimagining them as sculptural furnishings.

The curved and paneled fireplace wall was created using reclaimed pieces of Spruce—set into a classically proportioned “running bond” pattern. The sexy and tactile sheepskin used throughout the space is a by-product of the mutton industry. Both cool in the summer yet warm in the winter, it was an easy to maintain, lush selection for the home.

Dining Room

Img 0780

The dramatic dining room features a dynamic and powerful table fashioned from the reclaimed root systems of our reclaimed cache of walnut. Faceted like the crystalline architecture of naturally occurring minerals, the form and scale was a nod to the rocky outcroppings found just outside on the shore.

Master Bedroom

La Jolla Walnut Bed

The Master Bedroom celebrates the traditional shape of a “crowned” bed, yet re-interpreted using reclaimed and book-matched slabs of Black Walnut to a stately effect. The warm, natural palette feels restful and soothing; perfect for an idyllic slumber.

Powder Room

Spruce Timber

A Powder Room should set itself apart as an up close, special and glamorous retreat from the rest of the home. In this case, a solid bronze sink rests upon a reclaimed spruce timber.  Above, an ebonized antique Chinese mirror is perched between hand-blown crystal sconces. The whole of the room is enveloped with a custom, opalescent wall covering made entirely of shimmering natural shells.

Mark Boone is the President of Mark Boone Inc., Interiors and Mimi London which continues to lead the industry with their unique approach of creating organically inspired, powerful, luxurious furnishings. View their profile or contact them at 310.855.2567.

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