On the Top Bunk

Marie and John Glover bought their Beaver Creek vacation home primarily for its location: a mountainside lot overlooking the town and surrounding ski areas. It had good bones too, with high, lodge-style beamed ceilings and around 6,000 square feet of living space—more than enough to accommodate the couple and their three teenage daughters, but not quite enough for the extended family and friends who often gather at the house for spring break, summer vacations and holiday-season visits.

And so the Glovers hired Houston-based interior designer Chandos Dodson Epley and local builder Wayne Haskins to revitalize their home, adding sleeping space and updating the interiors. “We wanted to blend that traditional rustic mountain architecture with a more modern, streamlined look,” Marie says.

A new 500-square-foot bunkroom now welcomes the couple’s daughters and as many as nine friends with an intricate system of built-in steps, ladders, storage and beds—each complete with its own shelving, reading light and outlet for charging electronic devices. The room’s clean lines, simple and sophisticated paint palette and durable neutral-toned fabrics meet Marie’s request for a pared-down take on rustic style, while a fawn-print rug adds color and visual texture (and does a good job of hiding spills, too!).

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Interior Design: Chandos Interiors  
Construction: Wayne Haskins Construction

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