Oh My Geode!

These statement pieces bring the wonder of geology into your home.

In decades past, decorating with crystals might have gotten you labeled as the neighborhood fortune-teller, but these days, infusing your home with a touch of geological flare is acceptably eccentric. Geodes are a modern way to pay homage to the Earth with gorgeous, shimmering jewel tones.

Not only do these rare minerals infuse color and interest into your interior design, they also serve as true statement pieces, bringing the wonder and curiosity of our planet’s formation into your everyday surroundings. With nature as the craftsman, these unique pieces of art truly rock—pun intended.




Septarian bookends

Jennifer Burwell is the Director of Operations for By Nature Gallery, a gallery with stores in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming—specializing in the world’s finest specimens and offering truly unique pieces. Contact them at 970.949.1805 (Beaver Creek) or 307.200.6060 (Jackson).

Content for this article provided by By Nature Gallery.

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