New Life for Old Wood

   We’re excited about the way creative Westerners are using old wood in new, beautiful ways—and we bring you the stories of some of these top companies in the latest issue of Mountain Living. Click here to read the article, and get to know four of our favorites, below.   The reclaimed wood featured in the dining room of our 2011 Home of the Year, pictured above, is from Montana Reclaimed Lumber; photo by Gibeon Photography and design by Worth Interiors.   Montana Reclaimed Lumber: Take a stroll through MRL’s expansive lumber yard in the Gallatin Valley, and you’ll discover an impressive inventory of antique wood: hand-hewn beams, vintage rafters, Douglas-fir timber, recycled barnboard—and more. Architects, builders and designers use the beautiful lumber to create paneling, siding, flooring and trusses (as featured in the photo above)—all with the weathered look of the Old West. Picture taken by Gibeon Photography. 

Twenty 1 Five: Craftsman Josh Mabe and his business partner, Randy Valentine, comb the Rocky Mountain West for old barns, fences and discarded lumber, then turn those materials into everything from furnishings to mantels and doors—all in Mabe’s signature style: “organic, urban, with a bit of a rustic twist.”  

Beetlekill Blues: Where many see eerie stands of dead pines in Colorado forests, interior designer Charise Buckley saw an opportunity—to use the trees, killed by the mountain pine beetle, to make custom furnishings for her clients. Buckley ventures into the backcountry herself to hand-select the timbers, then works with local craftspeople to bring each piece of “organic modern” furniture to life.  

Centennial Woods: Working with the Wyoming Department of Transportation to rescue hundreds of miles of weathered snow fence before it becomes unusable, Centennial Woods planes and de-nails the wood (when requested), then sells it to contractors who transform the raw material. Custom flooring, ceiling paneling, doors and exterior siding are just a few of the new uses. >Read the full story about new life for old wood

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