Move Over, Paint—Wallcoverings Transcend Trends

These four wall-covered spaces embody the unlimited potential of thinking beyond the paint can.

When it comes to the walls of a space—which not only separate the space from other rooms but also anchor the eye as the backdrop—wallcoverings bring a richness and warmth that paint just cannot accomplish. To simply paint the walls leaves a flat, cold surface, which is only a great option if the homeowner wishes to display a museum-quality art collection. Whether it’s a showstopping ultra-suede or a textured neutral, wallcoverings add so much more dimension and interest to a space. Not to mention: They break the minimal, all-white mold of current cookie-cutter trends.

These four wall-covered spaces embody the unlimited potential of thinking beyond the paint can.

The antique Swedish cupboard is the central player in this vignette, and a small, hand-blocked wallcovering creates the perfect complementary backdrop. A good rule of thumb is to limit the use of boldly patterned wallcoverings to the least architecturally interesting spaces of a home—like laundry rooms, powder rooms, small guest bathrooms, etc.

This master bathroom boasted some vertical volume, which created a great opportunity to use an Aspen-tree-inspired wallcovering. This choice not only infused the room with life but also concealed its many ceiling transitions.

In this game room and bar space, the owners desired a “clubby” (and a little Scottish) atmosphere—a look achieved with a tartan plaid wall fabric.

This gallery hall acts as a central spine that connects many of the home’s entertainment spaces. It was important to introduce a wallcovering below the elevated display ledge so that there would be a warm texture and background for the collected paintings. Voila!

Whether you want to make a bold statement or incorporate nuanced texture, wallcoverings beat paint in almost every category—adding your unique personality and aesthetic to your home.

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