Mountain Home Trends in 2019: Part II

The second installment of home design trends for the new year

As we look into our crystal ball for 2019, our editorial team predicts we will continue to see:

Durable Floor Materials

A Modern Vacation Home in Grand Lake. Photography by David Patterson and Kevin Dietrich.

Mountain home floors take a beating from dogs, kayaks, kids and skis—we’re seeing homeowners choose materials like reclaimed oak floors for their practicality and to complement the environment. 

Ski Rooms

These Ski Rooms Rival a Resort. Photo by Gibeon Photography.

No longer content to be crammed into the garage or thrown into a closet, skis are demanding a room of their own. Many of the new homes we’ve seen include thoughtfully designed ski rooms complete with comfortable benches, boot warmers and locker space. 

Mountain Farmhouse

An East-Meets-West Farmhouse in Jackson. Photo by Audrey Hall.

We saw the farmhouse appear in May/June 2017, and today, the iconic farmhouse shape may be the number one trend showing up on our 2019 editorial calendar. We currently have five mountain farmhouses on the boards and white is the most popular color.

Martis Camp and Yellowstone Club

Slope-Side Living in Montana. Photo by Whitney Kamman.

We continue to receive a number of home submissions from Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe and Montana’s Yellowstone Club—these developments continue to produce beautiful cutting-edge architecture and design. 

Alternative Wood Products

A Norwegian-Inspired Aspen Home. Photo by Draper White. 

HEWN in Oregon is producing manufactured wood products that appear to be reclaimed lumber. Some claim that these products, produced with their finishes, burned or chemical stains, are less expensive and result in less waste than reclaimed boards.

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