Mountain Home Trends in 2019: Part I

The first installment of home design trends for the new year

Every day, I receive images of beautiful homes in the Rocky Mountain West. As I work with the editorial team to plan the 2019 editorial calendar, we noticed the following trends emerging:

Scandinavian Influence

A Norwegian-Inspired Aspen Home. Photo by Draper White.

The simple, clean lines of Scandinavian design are influencing new mountain homes.

Guest Home Magic

A Curated Cabin in Bozeman. Photo by Audrey Hall.

Homeowners are not treating guest home design like an afterthought. They are putting in the same attention to detail in these marvelous small spaces as in the design of the main house.

The Japanese Art of Shou Sugi Ban

Historic Meets Modern in Steamboat Springs. Photo by David Patterson.

This ancient technique of preserving wood using fire is not just practical, but it creates a beautiful rich, black wood finish.


Historic Meets Modern in Steamboat Springs. Photo by David Patterson.

From Unusual Building Site to Clever Home. Photo by Kimberly Gavin.

Since mountain homes often contain wood finishes with earth tones, it’s fun to see pops of color.

A Working Cattle Ranch Guesthouse. Photo by James Ray Spahn. 
Green Building 

This Park City Home Was Built to Rigorous Standards. Photo by Derek Isrealson.

Creating environmentally-sensitive buildings is not a trend, it’s a responsibility and we will continue to see architects and designers creating thoughtful solutions to environmental needs.

Stay tuned, next week, for five additional trends in 2019.

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