ML Picks: Seeking Hide and Rock Stars

Hair-on-hide gets a 21st-century makeover; petrified wood, fossils, rocks and minerals are trending now

Seeking Hide

TOUCHABLE TREND Hides are appearing everywhere these days, lending their soft, luxuriant texture to a wide range of home furnishings in all sorts of new and unexpected ways. While hair-on-hide remains a real design trend, this ultimate rustic material has also been getting a 21st-century makeover. One acknowledged master (and reinterpreter) of the material is Kyle Bunting, who employs hides in a spectrum of shades and a kaleidoscope of patterns to cover walls, floors, pillows and furniture. Kyle Bunting Custom Hide Rug, shown in cream, cobalt and ink. Price upon request.


Rock Stars

DAZZLING DEPTHS Petrified wood, fossils, minerals and rocks in all of their infinite sizes, shapes and shades are trending now, as skilled designers succeed in making very old materials look fresh and modern. These durable, natural and intricate slabs become gorgeous basins or table tops, blending a precious remnant of history into the home. Agate Side Table, custom designed by Brenda Houston for Holly Hunt, one-of-a-kind, price upon request.  

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