Making an Area Rug the Star of the Show

You may begin your design mission by finding the right interior designer, visiting a quality fabric shop, or stopping by your favorite furniture boutique. However, the task of matching all of your chattels to the duvet may be a trial within itself. Starting from the ground and working your way up could be the step you’ve been missing. Have you ever thought to yourself, “What would happen if I started with my rug as my inspiration piece?”

Perhaps your floors are done in hard surfaces, like tile or various woods like a white ash, maple or cherry. The issue of a rug blending into the floor could easily create a design faux pas. To combat this obstacle, start with a rug that contrasts with the floor finish. This will not only allow the rug to “pop,” but the floors will look their best and make a supporting statement, as well. This works in situations with high contrast or subtle contrast.

What if you’ve found an inspiration piece, like a favorite pillow? One thing to note is that picking out a smaller object to match things with is nice, but your rug will be one of the largest things filling up space in the room. Trying to match the rug to an already selected pillow could be more difficult. Begin designing a space with the rug since it will be one of the most prominent of all accessories.

Rugs have a multitude of characteristics and are unique in their own right. Some may be dyed in a solid true color, while others may have an ombré that can allow you to tactfully accessorize. Options range from your paint chips, furniture, art, and much more.

Your rug is invaluable in its use when grounding a room. This allows all other elements to flow and keep a charming and cohesive feel. A rug provides a strong foundation for color and ambience. Depending on the use of your rug, it can also do the opposite and become the statement piece—the focal point of the room. This would showcase the beauty and artistry of the rug, letting it shine on its own; while other furniture and accessories play an important role as supporting characters, making the rug bring even more life to the space.

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Rico Burnett works in graphic design and marketing for Artisan Rug Gallery

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