Lovely Bones: A New Take on the Classic Skull Mount

There are few things more western than the classic skull mount. These dressed-up versions—gilded, carved, beaded and embellished—buck tradition with a bold style that’ll make a big statement in any space, from cozy cabin to modern loft

CUSTOM COW SKULL (above) in turquoise, $450; Cowgirl Frame of Mind, at

HAND-CARVED BIGHORN SHEEP in Russian olive and maple, by Kevin Showell, $5,025; at


STINGRAY BUFFALO in black, gray and silver seed beads with Bali sterling-silver chain and spacers, by Ali Launer; for retailers.

LEGENDS OF TEXAS longhorn skull with ebony-black polished horns, engraved sterling-silver cuffs and tooled-leather inner cuffs, by Jenny Booth,, $20,000; at Cayuse Western Americana.

GILDED BISON SKULL with gold-leaf finish, by Owen Mortensen, $1,200;

BUFFALO 2, sourced from eastern Oregon, engraved and dyed with homemade ink, by Jason Borders, $1,800;

LATIMOR ram skull embellished with ink and emulsion, by Lauren Baker, £1400;  

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