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Get to know Bear Creek Design Group
Barnett Kithen

Photo courtesy of Bear Creek Design Group

Get to know Bear Creek Design Group, the Evergreen firm that unites modern design, mountain rural character and the Colorado lifestyle into each of their projects.

Evergreen is a quiet, friendly community nestled in a beautiful mountain setting. How does your design support the unique Evergreen area clientele?

Many of our clients are moving in from metropolitan areas. They have discovered that Evergreen is the perfect choice to experience quaint mountain living while still being close to big city amenities in Denver. To help them make this transition, we partner with them
to explore their vision- what is really important to them and how they want their home to function as they create their new mountain lifestyle.

What type of client experience do you provide from start to finish?

The moment we walk in our client’s door, we start managing the project. Our goal is to establish a trusted partnership built on solid advice, accurate information and full creative support from day one. We take the time to walk our clients through the process every step of the way so they clearly understand what is involved and what to expect. We collaborate throughout the planning and design phase and share informed recommendations based on what is appropriate for their home, their budget, and the surrounding market, always with the client’s vision at the forefront. Our clients lean on us as consultants as we develop a solid portfolio for them, while we serve them well throughout the trajectory of design, project management and build.

What sets you apart from other design firms in the area?

We do things very differently at Bear Creek Design Group. We are a full service “design to build” company from how we help our clients develop a budget versus simply throw out bids, view financials as an investment, not an expenditure, and apply our specialized expertise to each phase of the project. We consider the full scope of the project as we guide our clients to beautiful results. Simply put, our process provides more expertise, lends more support and management, and provides better results than others around us.

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3540 Evergreen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80439

As seen in the March/April 2021 issue

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