Italian Hair-on-Hide Leather

Kyle Bunting's Custom-Made Hide Wallcoverings

There are few accessories more essential to the mountain home than the hair-on-hide rug. For over 10 years, Texas-based product designer Kyle Bunting has given modern appeal to the timeless material with his company’s innovative use of vibrant hand-dyed hues, bespoke geometric patterns and unconventional applications. Case in point: the brand’s wide-ranging collection of custom-made hide wallcoverings.

Available in over 100 patterns and colorways (including sleek metallics), the sophisticated designs are made with hand-cut Italian hair-on-hide leather and adhesive wallpaper backing. We’re especially crushing on Jet Stream, this creamy-hued motif (pictured above) made in collaboration with Chinese design firm Neri & Hu.

Categories: Fixtures & Finishes