Innovations in Kitchen Design

With so many advancements in kitchen technology, choosing appliances for your kitchen has never been so exciting

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While placement and function are vital to the use and design of your kitchen, there are many other things to take into account. For instance—appliances. With so many options to choose from, what are the most important factors to consider?

Advancements in kitchen technology are revolutionizing how we cook. Combination appliances, smart kitchens and wifi capability are a few of the innovations enabling even the most inexperienced chef the ability to whip up everything from a humble grilled cheese to a custom macchiato to a five-course filet mignon feast. 

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen from scratch or updating the one you have, here are a few recommendations.

Make the Switch to Induction Cooking 

Induction Cooking Gaggenau Actual

Cooking with induction is faster, safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient than using either gas or standard electric. Other types of cooking can waste up to 85% of heat and energy, while induction has almost no waste of heat transfer to the food. 

Instead of using thermal conduction, like gas or electric, induction cooktops use electric currents to directly heat iron-based pots and pans, almost instantly, through magnetic induction. This keeps cooking surfaces cool, which prevents fire hazards and the risk of burns, keeps your kitchen cooler in hot summer months and makes clean up a snap.

Invest in Combination Appliances

Are your kitchen counters crowded with small, single-use appliances? Consider consolidating your cooking needs with a multi-function combination appliance. 

Steam & Convection Oven 

A steam & convection oven combines two cooking modes: steam, which helps food retain moisture and nutrients while improving texture, appearance and taste; and convection, which offers even heat distribution throughout the oven and enables food to cook more quickly. With this combination of functions, a steam & convection oven can easily replace many of your small appliances such as a sous vide, air fryer or steamer.

Speed Oven

A speed oven combines the functionality of a convection oven with the speed of a microwave (plus, if you choose, a grill element.) Due to the combined functions, a speed oven can cook quickly without dehydrating food like a traditional microwave. They take very little time to preheat and come with a variety of pre-programmed modes to make cooking even easier. 

Stay Connected With Smart Kitchen Appliances 

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Smart kitchen appliances connect to your phone, tablet or smart home platform via Wi-Fi or bluetooth. A smart kitchen helps streamline your cooking experience by allowing you to easily control appliances remotely. If you’re running late getting home from work you can use an app to preheat the oven on your way. If you are entertaining guests and can’t get away, you can ask Alexa to turn the oven off. If you forget to start your dishwasher before you go to bed, you can use your phone to get it started. Some convection ovens even have an in-oven camera which allows you to monitor whatever you’re baking from another room. 

Become Your Own Barista

Barista Section

For many of us, a daily coffee run is part of our routine, but that can become time-consuming and expensive. A high-pressure artisan coffee and espresso system allows you to create your favorite hot beverage from the comfort of your own home. With features like automatic water temperature adjustment, a built-in coffee grinder, a milk frother and more, you can whip up a perfectly brewed cup of black coffee or a tasty cappuccino or latte. 

Pair High-End Appliances with Beautiful Cabinetry

Pair With Kitchen Cabinetry

Last but not least, your new kitchen would not be complete without beautiful cabinetry to pair perfectly with the high-end appliances you’ve chosen. There are so many options available and so many factors to take into consideration- material, style, quality, construction, organizational features and more. To help you out, check out 8 Questions to Ask to Design the Kitchen of Your Dreams. 

And remember, your kitchen should be a spaced designed to make your life easier, so focus on what’s most important to you. Choose the technology and appliances that best fit your needs, then surround them with high-quality cabinetry that not only delivers the functionality and ergonomics you need but reflects your unique style and personality.

Jed MacKenzie, CKD, and William Landeros, CKD have a combined 37 years of experience as Senior Project Designers at bulthaup Denver Aspen. With showrooms in Denver and Aspen, bulthaup services all areas of the Rocky Mountain West and specializes in designing signature kitchens. View their profile or contact them at 303.777.5409.

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