How to Make a Luxury Mountain Home Sustainable

Sustainability in home design is more than just a trend; it’s a holistic approach to energy-efficiency and green building that homeowners are subscribing to more and more. Cognizant of the environmental impacts of homebuilding and focused on minimizing their carbon footprint, many people are setting out to carefully construct their residences with a heavy concentration on sustainable design, while still maintaining their focus on outstanding aesthetics and high-end quality.

And it’s a win-win, since less energy and water usage means lower utility bills each month. 

The LEED for Homes certification program, administered by the US Green Building Council, involves third-party verification and testing, and encompasses a variety of green building measures. By establishing an integrated project team early in the process, a highly efficient home can be designed which is responsible to its surroundings.

If you want a home designed with the environment in mind, take at look at these home design features that marry luxury with sustainability.


Consider: geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling; a photovoltaic onsite solar field for electricity; hydronic roof-mounted solar panels; enhanced insulation and windows; super-insulated exterior and underslab envelope to increase R-Value; tested and verified heating system air-flows and air-tightness performance


Consider: drought-tolerant plantings with high efficiency and limited irrigation system; low-flow sinks and toilets;


Consider: low-VOC interior paint and sealant material (to cut down on solvents that get released into the air); fresh air ventilation and automated exhaust to reduce the risk of indoor air pollution and moisture build-up


Consider: jobsite waste diversion to reduce the impact on landfills

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