Hotel Pick: The Sebastian in Vail

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When it comes to hotels, our biggest must-have is hard to put into words. It just has to feel good. We’ve stayed in more than a few “luxury” hotels that have felt sterile and soul-less; in giant poorly lit rooms with no good place to sit and read, and with bathrooms that while nice to look at, just weren’t functional.

We just want our hotel to feel like home (if home had heated floors, maid service and gorgeous bedding, that is).

Which is why we really loved our recent stay at The Sebastian in Vail Village. We walked in on a snowy afternoon and were immediately greeted by a cozy fire and the general manager, who came bearing bottled water and a reminder to “Stay hydrated, you’re in the mountains now!”

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Despite its size (100 guest rooms, seven guest suites and 36 two- and three-bedroom residences), The Sebastian feels intimate and cozy. On our way up to our residence, we passed an inviting library filled with books, games and original paintings by artist Manuel Felguérez, and a sleek ice-inspired bar called Frost filled with 80 kinds of scotch and 52 tequilasâplus any other après-ski cocktail you can dream up.

For that crucial first cup of coffee in the morning, there’s an onsite cafe called Market, where you can grab a quick breakfast, lunch or takeout dinner to enjoy in your residence. But our dinner pick is Block 16, The Sebastian’s beautiful restaurant featuring wine-inspired cuisine.

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There’s also a lovely little spa designed to cater to high-country-sports aficionados, which means there are massages for sore muscles, facials for wind-parched skin, and manicures and pedicures to spruce up nearly-frostbitten digits.

But it was our residence that really made us smile. Why? Because it just felt good. Cozy fire? Check. A few good spots to curl up with a book? Check. A gorgeous, super-soft Sferra throw we could hardly bear to part with? Check. A kitchen that puts the one at home to shame? Check. Heated floors in the bathroom? Check. A I’m-never-getting-up bed? Check. Oh, and an amazing view of Vail Village and the slopes beyond too.

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Another nice touch? To maximize privacy, guest room entrances are separatedâso you don’t have to worry about your neighbor seeing you in your nightgown when you put the room-service tray out in the hall. (We heard the Secret Service loved this feature when they accompanied first lady Michelle Obama and her children here.)

To learn more about The Sebastian, including how to make it a true home away from home via the private residence club, visit or call 970-477-8000.

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