Hot Interior Lighting Trends of 2017

Good lighting is the finishing touch that is oftentimes forgotten, but it finalizes the look of an entire room. Whether you prefer to keep things low-key or make a statement, lighting completes a look.

“With good lighting, a person can feel instantly at home,” said Suzanne Allen Sabo, owner of Allen-Guerra Architecture. “In short, without great lighting, architecture and interior design can be lost or overlooked. Lighting is everything.”

From branchy to jewel-toned (and everything in between), we’ve compiled our favorite movements in indoor illumination.


Jewel tones are perfect if you want to add some color and a bit of drama into your space. Jewel tones are representative of gemstones found in nature, so you will notice colors such as emerald, amethyst purple, sapphire and ruby red. Jewel tones are great for bringing rich color into a room and making a space feel luxurious. If you are looking for more of a minimalist take on the trend, make the surrounding décor bright and neutral. This will make a statement, but it won’t feel overdone.


To create a room that impresses, adding a dramatic chandelier can really spruce things up. While we all love the classic, traditional style, adding a different take on the chandelier is more unique and will add that “wow” factor into your home. There are many types to choose from such as glass, candle or crystal. Whether you want to bring in a contemporary feeling or make your room feel like an Italian Villa, a chandelier can add certain richness.

Photo courtesy Allen-Guerra Architecture


Within the last year, we have seen mid-century elements in design stores everywhere. While mid-century design will continue to be in style throughout 2017, there will be a sculptural take on the trend. Clean lines and vintage flair can make your home feel timeless and iconic, while lights with a sculptural element can make your lighting the focal point of a room. Lighting can even act as an art piece for your room, which makes your design process just a tad bit easier.


Brass, copper, gold and silver: Metallics are in. Metallics are an effortless way to add a bit of glamour and polish to any room. They are easy to work into any look you are trying to achieve, because they come in many shades and tarnishes. Grab a tarnished silver chandelier for a more traditional look, or a modern gold lighting fixture for a mid-century vibe. Metallics can also be mixed and matched; get playful with your accessories when working with these light pieces. For example, adding a touch of silver to a room with a brass fixture makes the room feel more tied together.


The trend of bringing the outside world into the home has fluctuated throughout the years in interior design. But this year, we are seeing a lot of nature-inspired lighting, which takes the trend into a newer direction. With earth tone hues and natural elements, lighting can bring a taste of nature into your home. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo and burlap give a room warmth and brightness that shouldn’t be reserved just for your patio.

We’ve seen a take on this trend in many mountain cabins and resort homes. “Colorado has emerged as a pioneer in combining the clean minimalist aesthetic favored in more modern homes, with the rustic cabin, après-ski aesthetic popular in homes across the state,” says Sabo. “The combination of these two trends brings a sense of warmth and unique personality to an otherwise standard modern home.”

Why not try this trend for yourself? Add a bamboo chandelier to your living room, or a wooden, rustic pendant into your cabin. You will notice how airy it can make a space feel and how natural elements can create a relaxed, serene feeling.

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