Home is Where the Art Is

Looking for some artistic pieces for your home?

The new Fall 2008 Artful Home catalog features almost 50 percent new artwork. We were stunned by the amazing art, furniture, accent pieces and jewelry. If your home needs a little drama and color, check out some of these fantastic finds.


“Point Reyes Landscape – 7 Series”

Rick and Janet Nicholson

“Akasha Group”

Natalie Blake





“Balancing Candlesticks”

Lilach Lotan

“Squiggle Chandelier”

Susan Knecht




“Ondina End Table”

Peter Trumbull Crellin

“Crocus Table”

Kino Guerin


Visit artfulhome.com to view the entire collection, learn more about materials and techniques, and request a catalog.

Categories: Furnishings & Accessories