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How COVID-19 has changed the future of interior design in the home

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As we spend more time in our homes, we have discovered how our interior spaces affect our ability to work, our comfort and mental health. From calming, nature-inspired hues to relaxed sunlit rooms, we’re all looking to our home life to bring that sense of stability and harmony we can’t find anywhere else.

Many of our clients have shifted their thoughts on home beyond being a simple nest.  They desire it to be a safe place to cherish and spend time, to be designed to honor nature and earth, evoking emotions we feel when we are outdoors.

Based on our new norm, here are the following decor trends that will inform interiors for years to come.

Nature-inspired tones and textures

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Calming rooms with neutral tones and lots of natural materials evoke relaxation and inspire productivity for working at home. There has been a big move towards cleaner-looking interiors with a muted color palette and minimalistic decor that won’t clutter the mind.

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Sunlit rooms with expansive windows

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Having a stronger connection to nature during this time has become essential. Large, expansive windows with lightweight sheers let in natural sunlight which brightens and lightens any room.

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Comfortable and creative outdoor living spaces

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Connecting your home’s interior to exterior spaces that double as living areas dramatically opens up a home and creates a perfect balance. Once you’re outside, it is important to have a yard or patio space that is inviting for guests. With restaurants and bar openings uncertain, home outdoor living spaces enable a safe way to gather. This can be achieved with comfortable furniture, an outdoor fireplace, televisions and even a summer kitchen with a built-in barbecue and pizza oven.

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Dedicated home offices

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For many, working from home is becoming the new norm. Previously, home offices were used for simple tasks such as paying bills or checking email. Now, they are needed everyday and all day with clean spaces, large desks, ample storage and comfortable seating. It is also imperative to incorporate good lighting and an elegant backdrop for Zoom calls.

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