Harmonic Convergence

Rhythmic, curvilinear wood wall relief works by artist Caprice Pierucci



Pine, 108" x 60" x 216" 

Diehl Gallery, 155 West Broadway, Jackson, Wyoming

307-733-0905, diehlgallery.com

Artist Caprice Pierucci

Best Known For Rhythmic, curvilinear wood wall relief works that conjure up images of everything from seashells to skeletons. 

Inspiration Pierucci’s background in fiber arts and the work of her mother, fiber artist Louise Pierucci Holeman. “Originally, the wood was used as a support or armature for my fibers and paper,” Pierucci says. “Eventually the wood became the more expressive way to define the images in my mind.”

Meaningful Beauty “The undulating rhythms in the forms speak to me of our mortality, and the huge expanses of time that lead to one particular moment of beauty,” Pierucci says.

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