Hand-Crafted Rustic Vanities for Your Mountain Home

Whether your mountain home is distinctly rustic or mostly modern, a hand-crafted wood vanity can complement any design style.

A number of different styles makes it possible to find a vanity perfect for any home, whether it’s a log vanity crafted from dead-standing eastern red cedar or a live-edge burl wood slab supported by a root or driftwood base.

Sleek features like copper sinks and floating natural wood slab countertops, suspended by chains, may speak to a modern aesthetic, while the addition of antlers to a vanity design may suit a classic rustic look.

Kelly Maxwell owns LittleBranch Farm in Nashville, Tennessee. He builds furniture pieces from reclaimed and salvaged wood. Visit the LittleBranch Farms profile or contact Kelly at 615-878-6216.

Content for this article provided by LittleBranch Farm.

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