Guest Post: Get a Fire Going

Photographer Jennifer Koskinen shares her favorite snapshots of that beloved spot at home that begs lingering: the fireplace.

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On the heels of what I hope was another joyful and abundant Thanksgiving celebration, I thought I’d pause to give thanks for the solace we can find gathering in our homes, and particularly around one faithful spotâthe fireplace. The traditional wood-burning  fireplace has long been a favorite focal point at home, but contemporary gas fireplace inserts have come to offer the same comfort.
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You may or may not know that many mountain towns have put a moratoriums on wood-burning fireplaces to preserve air quality in mountain valleys (where smog can build quickly to unhealthy levels and become trapped for days in thermal inversions). And so the gas fireplace insert has become the next best thing, and it does have its advantages: design of the log kits has come a long way over the years, the units burn cleaner, there’s no soot to deal with, and while some people will miss the seasonal tradition of chopping logs, well, there are no logs to chop!

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Gas fireplaces also provide a stunning opportunity for an architect or designer to create a look that’s clean-lined and cutting edge, while still providing that comfort and cozy warmth to a room. Here are some favorites from my visits to mountain homes in Telluride and Aspen.

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All photos © Jennifer Koskinen |
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