Guest Post: Anne Sage’s Autumn Reflections – From Outfit to Room

Editor and blogger Anne Sage heralds fall by pairing cool ensembles with cozy rooms. (Want to see her outfit-to-room pairings from last season? Just click here.)

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We’re deep into fall here in most parts of North America, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, the sweaters grow warmer and the blankets grow toastier. Lately I’m loving rich shades of cinnamon red paired with oatmeal and camelâboth in my living room and in my wardrobe.

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Even though there’s a chill in the air, the sun still graces us with its presence each afternoon, and there’s no greater pleasure than taking a moment to savor its golden rays. A steaming cup of Earl Grey next to the window suits just fineâespecially with a freshly baked slice of pumpkin bread! Fall blooms like dahlias or mums make the perfect teatime companions.

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Bundle up in a favorite jacket and hit the great outdoors. I can’t say I’m one for fishing, but the romance of it certainly has a nostalgic allure, no? So perhaps I could just look chic while I cheer on the real fishermen and women from the riverbanks. Silently, of course, or there might not be much of a catch for dinner…

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And as for that age-old “no white after Labor Day” rule? Well, it’s one I intend to break on a regular basis this seasonâjust as this plaid-cloaked gal is doing right here. Don’t her slim white trousers look smashing with tough black boots? It’s like a modern American twist on the fox hunt, and very autumnal, indeed. Tally ho! See you in the hills!

Fashion images: Interiors images: 1, 2. marie claire maison 3. coco + kelly 4. elements of style.