Grace Under Pressure

Eternally cool marble finds its beauty in Earth's fiery intensity
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VEIN GLORIOUS Book-matching transforms the sinuous irregularities of Antolini Silver Stream marble into purposeful art, the sleek slabs bestowing a soothing symmetry on this high-country hideaway. A rhapsody in black, white and gray, the composition evokes the concentric rings of an ancient tree.

The soul of marble is transformation; with Mother Nature as alchemist, workaday limestone undergoes a primordial process of extreme heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. It emerges as an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals with mineral impurities contributing swirls and veins.

Silver Stream Slab 2

SHINE ON With roots in the Ancient Greek word for “sparkle,” marble highlights any home. And for mountain lovers, the idea of bringing wild elements indoors is only natural. Here, Antolini Silver Stream’s circuitous curves suggest a topo map’s measure of river and hills.

Verona, Italy-based family firm Antolini— founded 65 years ago by Luigi Antolini—has a passion for nature’s freehand artistry in stone, securing sole access to an astonishing array of materials and quarries around the globe.

Silver Stream Slab 1

PRECIOUS METAL With the lines-in-motion appeal of a contemporary painting, this up-close Silver Stream section reveals the living stone’s dynamism. A hint of inky blue tucked into the convoluted pattern helps create the marble’s luxurious silvery sheen.

A recent offering from Antolini’s Exclusive Collection, Silver Stream is one in a curated selection of luminous marbles, granites and quartzites.

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