Get Cozy This Fall with a Colorado Getaway

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest means that I’ve had my fill of rain for a lifetime or two, and when it rains, I start dreaming of cozy fireside getaways. Colorado’s got more than its fair share of comfy destinations.

I travel year-round, and that means I’m not always traveling in the most pristine weather. Here are a few Colorado destinations that continue to shine even when the sun doesn’t.


Grand Lake is popular with summer tourists, but it’s a delight at any time of year, even when the sky is gray.  

Do: Explore the west end of Rocky Mountain National Park.

On a fall birthday trip years ago, we stopped at Holzwarth Historic Site (aka The Never Summer Ranch) at dusk and hiked a short distance to a collection of deserted buildings standing in a grove of tall pines. As we wandered through this virtual ghost town an eerie noise began to emanate from the woods around us. It was the call of bugling elk, a primitive sound that that still makes the hair on my arm stand on end whenever I hear it.

Take a hike to Adams Falls. The trailhead is a short drive out of town and even in dreary weather it’s a lovely little hike.

Catch a Broncos game at Pancho & Lefty’s. A favorite of the locals, I have several fond memories of rooting on my Broncos at Pancho Lefty’s in Grand Lake while rain (or snow) fell on the lake outside.

Stay: Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging offers an array of lodging options in Grand Lake. From darling lakeside cabins to a lakefront house that sleeps up to 8 people, you’ll find the perfect place by browsing their website.


If you’re looking for cozy this fall, look no further than Avalanche Ranch located between Carbondale and Redstone. Their retro cabins, with their wood-burning stoves, ooze hygge, the Danish word for acknowledging when a feeling or moment is especially cozy and charming.

We visited Avalanche Ranch on a dark and drizzly weekend, but this didn’t deter me from falling in love with the place. Even the wet sheep that toddled over to greet me at the fence added to the ranch’s enchanting ambiance.

In addition to their homey cabins, they have several shepherd’s wagons available for glamping. Best of all, Avalanche Ranch is a hot springs destination. Their three natural hot springs pools are beautifully tiered with the largest pool connected to the others by a waterfall.

Bring your own food to cook in your cabin or drive into Carbondale for a delicious meal at one of their several gourmet restaurants. I highly recommend Allegria for farm-fresh comfort food like tomato burrata fondu and spaghetti pomodoro.

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