Friday Favorites: A Poem Penned by a ML Reader

Today we received something special in the ML mailbox. It’s a poem, written by one of our readers, Tim Kutscheid. In it, he describes a simple structure that offers so much to those who spend time in it. It made us think about what “home” means to us. We hope you enjoy it too.


Many stories were told
of a small cabin on the mountainside
that offered protection and rest
during the difficult pilgrimage
up the mountain.
Many a weary pilgrim
told of finding himself
in front of the cabin
and spending a welcome night
in its protection.
A thick grove of aspen
beside a bubbling spring
hid the small cabin
tucked in a corner
of the mountain.
The back and one side wall
were the mountain itself.
The other two sides
were made of heavy timber
cut to fit tightly together.
It was obvious loving care
had been used in the cabin’s construction.
A wooden bench had been set
into the wall
outside the sturdy door
which was adorned with a carved cross.
The two rooms inside
had a tight wooden floor,
a small table with a vase of flowers,
two chairs, and a bed frame
all made by the same careful hand
and showing frequent use.
A fireplace with wood for a fire
made up one wall.
A coffeepot and kitchen utensils
lined the mantel.
There was a straw broom
leaning in a corner,
and a pile of folded blankets
laying on the bed frame.
Flowers in no set pattern
surrounded the small cabin
wildly gracing a visitor
with fragrance and beauty.
So much loving care had been spent
in the cabin’s construction
that it conveyed an atmosphere
of loving security
yearning to be occupied,
offering secure refuge to any pilgrim
weary with his heavy burden
and needing rest.
A pilgrim who stopped for the night
found himself refreshed
the next morning
and eager to resume
his difficult journey
up the mountain.
First, he swept the floor,
replaced any used kindling,
washed the utensils,
folded the blankets,
gathered fresh flowers for the table,
and knelt giving thanks
for his peaceful blessing
in the loving cabin.

—Tim Kutscheid

Posted via email from Mountain Living magazine