Friday Favorite: A gorgeous wooden lampshade

Has it been a while since you’ve flexed your interior design muscles? We’ve got just the piece to get you back on track.

The Tab Lampshade, created by award-winning designer John Green, is made of wood (choose walnut or oak), but as you can see, the veneer is laser-cut thin enough to allow a warm glow to shine through. An opal acrylic diffuser ensures an even quality of light while hiding the light bulb.

Simple assembly is requiredâthe shade arrives as one flat sheetâbut takes just minutes, making this the perfect weekend project for those who like the idea of DIY more than the reality. You’ll have it up and glowing before lunchtime on Saturday.

The price is pretty painless, too. The oak lampshade retails for £65; walnut is £75. To learn more, or to order, visit

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