Find Your Signature Scent

Complement your interior style with the perfect fragrance to heighten your home experience

Always wondered what the signature scent for your home should be? Find out by matching your home’s style to these different scents, paired by Tamara Mayne, expert and founder of Brooklyn Candle Studio.

These small-batch, deliciously scented candles are made with natural waxes and botanical perfume oils and are designed to complement every style of home from modern to bohemian and everything in between. 


If your home is inspired by water with a light and breezy look, the perfect candles for your home are Sea Salt and Surf and Sea. The Sea Salt and Surf will spread the scent of a salty sea breeze and beachy musk, while the Sea candle will take you away to the beaches of Greece with a sea salt and exotic floral aroma.


If your home is more modern and features minimal decoration with a neutral color palette, Green Tea Lemongrass and Sweet Fig will help match that aesthetic. Both candles offer refreshing aromas like Valencia orange, bergamot tea, plum wine and freshly picked fig that will go perfectly with your polished home.


If your home has hints of rustic elegance with wooden accents and soft floral patterns, the best candles for you are 1975 and Sandalwood. 1975 will bring out the sweet floral aspects of your home with spicy incense, earthy patchouli, wild sage, and notes of orange blossom, while Sandalwood will bring out the rustic feel with a woody, musky aroma.  


Does your home scream bright and bold with a multitude of patterns and eccentric furniture? These candles, California Dreaming and Japanese Citrus, are sure to be a strong fit for your home. The energizing and exotic citrus smell of yuzu in the Japanese Citrus mixes perfectly with the bergamot and mandarin essential oils of the California Dreaming.


If you have more of a traditionally chic vibe with light colors and vintage accessories, these candles are sure to fit your style. The Love Potion No. 9 and Cedarwood Vanilla candles mix perfectly together to keep your home simple and sweet. With cozy vanilla and calming lavender drifting throughout, you’ll never want to leave! 

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