Discover the Tiny Village of Luxury Homes by The Resort at Paws Up

This luxury community celebrates elevated architecture in a series of stand-alone "hauses"
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The Social Haus is the central gathering place for the 12 homes at the green o. All homes are within walking distance from the Social Haus, and once inside, guests find a welcoming fire, cozy banquette, intimate tables around the room and a social bar area overlooking the kitchen. | Photography by Stuart Thurlkill

In a Montana forest, surrounded by 37,000 acres of land, a tiny village of homes seems to magically spring up amid mature trees. The green o, a community designed by the creative forces at The Resort at Paws Up, is an adults-only, architecture-forward resort with a total of 12 luxurious stand-alone “hauses” in four designs. They are positioned within walking distance of the Social Haus—the community’s heart—a gathering space, bar and restaurant.

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The highly creative culinary team at the Social Haus is led by executive chef Brandon Cunningham who is dedicated to bringing nature “on the plate.” He and his team create edible works of art.

When the green o (named after the nearest town, Greenough, in turn, named after its founder, Paul Greenough, who branded his sheep by painting them with a green “o”) was being planned, the design team walked through the forest, scoping out areas where they could build structures with minimal loss of trees. Where the earth was disturbed, topsoil from agriculture crop pivots on the ranch, rich with alfalfa, barley and pea seeds—grasses that are native to the ranch—erased any scars from construction.

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The green circular banquette is representative of the “green o.”

When asked about the creative minds behind the green o, co-owner Laurence Lipson is quick to give credit to his family and the talented design team. He shares architecture and design credits with his late father, Dave Lipson, who envisioned the infinity-symbol shape of the Round Haus, fine artist Pieter De Liagre Bohl, interior designer Nadine Lipson, builder Miguel Chavez, and landscape designer Jordan Blaze.

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The Social Haus is an inviting beacon amid the snowy forest.


Within walking distance from the hauses, the inviting Social Haus features a central fire pit surrounded by a large green-leather circular banquette, an homage to the “green o.” Intimate two-tops are tucked into private corners and also placed around the room’s perimeter next to massive windows. Large bifold doors connect the interior space to the surrounding forest.

Seattle-based Mutuus Studio designed the round banquette as well as the fireplace hoods, which have a custom patina that looks like aged copper. The studio also created the sconces that light the banquette, made by recycling canvas tents once used at Paws Up into lampshades.

A second fire pit and focal point is located in the kitchen for culinary purposes, and a semi-circular bar provides an opportunity for socializing as well as a viewing area for guests to watch their meals being prepared. Executive chef Brandon Cunningham leads the culinary team, “bringing nature onto the plate”—including found objects like foraged river rocks and twigs. Each evening he prepares an eight-course tasting menu, rotating the fare every seven days so guests never eat the same meal twice. “I want this to be an experience you can’t find anywhere else,” Cunningham says.

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A guest favorite, the Tree Haus is a vertical design 23 feet in the air that provides vantage views of the sur- rounding forest. Two stories of living space are accessed with a spiral staircase, and two decks provide optimal vistas. The 1,030-square-foot home is constructed with shou sugi ban (a Japanese wood-burning technique), and unique design attributes include patinated stainless-steel kitchen walls.

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The glass-encased Light Haus offers forest views from every room, allowing light filtered through branches or moonlight above to stream inside. The private hot tub on the deck offers a front-row seat to star gazing. This 1,080-square-foot home features bump-out windows, two fireplaces and copper accents throughout.

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Inspired by the “o” theme of the green o, the Round Haus provides 918 square feet
of interior space with a sunken living room and a two-sided fireplace. Both the living room and bedroom offer 180-degree forest views. One-of-a-kind details include a bas-relief by artist Bonnie Wakeman.

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Immersed in the surrounding forest, the glass-walled Green Haus offers prime nature viewing. A two-sided fireplace viewed from the ultra-modern interior and the deck provides cozy warmth inside and out. The glass-encased living room is topped with a pitched ceiling that creates a large atrium, and an oversized skylight above the king-size bed offers prime viewing of constellations.

PHOTOGRAPHY Stuart Thurlkill
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