Dine Like a Celebrity

Get the VIP treatment with the private dining experience at Antlers at Vail

There are a few things certain about a getaway to Vail, Colorado: world-class skiing with 5,317 skiable acres, decadedant lodging options and a smattering of delectable fare within the village. Indulge even further by taking your luxury mountain vacation to the next level with the “Dine Like a Celebrity” experience recently launched by Antlers at Vail

Internationally-trained and rectruited from Australia, acclaimed Chef Barry Robinson is bringing his high-level expertise to your dining room table when lodging in one of the 87 condos. Rather than leaving the comfort of the suite, Chef Robinson comes to you with a curated menu that he then prepares onsite for guests in the fully-equipped kitchen.  

“I think the experience of being a private chef is just as exciting for the chef as it is for the customer enjoying the meal,” Robinson says. “It’s rewarding to understand your diners in a more personal way that allows you to customize the menu to their taste right in the moment, coming up with beautifully designed eat-with-their-eyes dishes that will be a lasting memory for years to come.”

The meal serves everything up in traditional four-course fashion starting with a custom-designed menu including a salad, appetizers, meat or vegetarian entree and concluding with a signature dessert. Wondering what kind of dishes might grace the menu? Robinson manifests good ol’ fashion home-style cooking, paying homage to wintry classics: mini filet mignon with red onion jam, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, shooters of tomato basil soup with grilled cheese on rye or vegetable gnocchi, to name a few. 

The private dinner starts at $480 for four people with the option of $70 a person for every additional guest with a maximum of 12 people and in-advance reservation required.

For more information about booking, pricing and the experience please go to antlersatvail.com

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