Design Trends in Contemporary Mountain Homes

New innovations in architecture and building materials provide creative options for home construction and remodeling

The classic notion of a traditional mountain rustic home evokes images of shelter, warmth and protection, sometimes translating to dark rooms and heavy textures. It’s a style that evolved in response to the often harsh environment in the high country, and that utilized the construction techniques and materials available to builders and designers in the past. Advances in technology have opened up new options for contemporary mountain design that embrace the outdoors while still providing warmth, comfort and security. What are some of the trends we’re seeing in contemporary mountain homes?

More connection to natural surroundings. Contemporary mountain forms reach up and out, to bring the outdoors in, as opposed to the sheltering, enclosing shapes of traditional mountain designs.

Light, open design. New advances in window and glass technology enable contemporary homes to have entire walls of operable glass, creating a sense of being outside, yet still fully comfortable and protected.

Extended outdoor living spaces. Small, easily-hidden radiant heaters can be placed so that they heat our body rather than the air, which gives the ability to be comfortable outdoors on a deck or patio in cooler weather. They can be mounted inconspicuously on the ceiling of a covered deck or on a pergola structure.

Increased demand for outdoor fire features. Advanced technology in outdoor fire features has opened up exciting new design options. Contemporary gas fire features can be any shape and size, and can feature sculptural steel elements that heat up and radiate warmth, while also providing a design element when the fire is off.

Creative lighting sources. Traditional practices of lighting an entire room are being replaced with flexible, efficient, and controllable LED lighting that penetrate into specific spaces. Well-designed lighting is the hallmark of contemporary home design, creating pools of light and dramatically affecting our sense of well-being by creating a personal, warm, artistic environment,

Mixed textures and materials. Sustainable and recycled materials are now more readily available. Products utilizing recycled glass or quartz often add a subtle sparkle to interior finishes in contemporary homes; it’s an understated, innovative look.


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