DESIGN OF THE DAY: Old Wood, New Look

Call it ârural modernismâ or ârustic sophisticationâ â by any name, furniture designer David Stineâs style is one that celebrates the marriage of sustainability and classic American furniture design.

Each of Stineâs pieces is crafted from wood thatâs been responsibly raised on his family-owned 400-acre ranch in Illinois. Only trees that have reached the end of their lifespans are harvested and shaped into pieces for the home.

Pictured here is the Sycamore Round, a solid section of a massive old-growth sycamore tree that was kiln-dried and hand-scraped, then treated with an all-natural linseed oil finish. Wouldn’t have guessed that it would look so at home in such sleek and spare surroundings? Itâs a clean and graphic backdrop like this that lets this pieceâs natural beauty take center stage.To view more of David Stineâs work, click here:

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