Design Advice: Shopping for Treasure with an Antiques Pro

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Houston-based antiques dealer and interior designer Liz Spradling is an expert at blending old and new to create unique living spaces that resonate with ageless beauty. She shares some of her best antiques-shopping tips here:

Don’t be shy When you walk into an antiques shop, break the ice by asking the shop owner to show you her favorite piece and explain why she loves it. “The more you talk to antiques dealers, the more you’ll learn,” Spradling says. “What makes something a Louis XV? What’s a cabriole leg? Educate yourself and your taste will develop.” 

Start small If you love the idea of adding antiques to your home, look for a mirror or small side table. “They’re so flexible,” Spradling says. “You can put them anywhere, so they’re easier to incorporate into your home.”

Take your time “I tell beginning collectors, ‘Buy one piece a year,’” Spradling says. “Don’t fill up your house all at once. Wait for the pieces you love. It really is like hunting for treasure.” 

Photo by Gibeon Photography

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