Cozy Up With Fall Candle Scents

This eco-friendly brand has two options to welcome the scents of autumn into your home this season

No 05 W Ingredients 1219x

Fall is just around the corner and it’s almost time to light your favorite seasonal candles. Here, we’ve found two classic autumnal scents that will make you want to cozy up by the fireplace and what’s more, you can re-use that container you’ve kept from a previous candle.

In an effort to eliminate waste in the candle buying and burning cycle, Siblings created DIY candle kits using eco-friendly materials and encouraging the reuse of your favorite vessels and containers.

Just microwave the bag to melt the wax, then pour into one of your favorite containers and add in the wick. Every Siblings candle—with its plant-based packaging, natural coconut blend wax and lead-free cotton wicks—makes a difference.

Scent No 05

No 05

Smells like fresh lavender. It’s a calming fragrance created to transport you to the lavender fields of France.

Top: Clove
Heart: Lavender, Thyme
Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla; $22

No 06 W Ingredients 1219x

No 06

Smells like the woods, with a hint of sweet, smoky spice in the air. If cozy had a scent, it would be No 06.

Top: Cardamom
Heart: Sandalwood, Amber
Base: Vanilla, Strawberries; $22

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