Contemporary Looks for your Mountain Retreat

3 tips for balancing breathtaking natural surroundings with leading-edge style

When it comes to mountain living, a home amidst snow-capped peaks can evoke the image of a traditionally rustic Western lodge, complete with moleskin furnishings and taxidermy displays. But contemporary mountain retreats have become popular in high-end, high-country living, and it’s not hard to see why. Sleek architecture, clean lines, and chic interiors make living in the mountains a truly elevated experience.

A contemporary twist to your mountain home can complement breathtaking natural surroundings with leading-edge style. Here are three ways to do it right.

1. Use natural, organic materials and textures

Your home furnishings and accessories should echo the landscape—slate-colored mountains, evergreens, and rolling plains shouldn’t stop at the home’s framed views. Incorporate nature-inspired pieces to create that seamless indoor-outdoor feel.

2. Employ an open-concept layout with plenty of natural light

Contemporary homes are known for their open layouts and large windows, perfect for gorgeous views and warm, natural light. Make sure your spaces are open and inviting, with an easy transition from room to room. 

3. Mix wood and metals throughout

Wood is a warm, natural, and organic material, while metal is more industrial and cold. A well-designed contemporary mountain retreat will incorporate the right balance of the two.

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