Communal Connection

Bold Southwestern landscapes rendered in lush colors by artist Dan Namingha

THE ARTIST: Dan Namingha

Thunder Cloud Over Butte​

Oil on canvas, 40” x 40”

Niman Fine Art

125 Lincoln Ave., Suite 116, Santa Fe, NM


THE ARTIST: Dan Namingha

BEST KNOWN FOR: Bold Southwestern landscapes rendered in lush colors.

INSPIRATION: A proud member of the Tewa-Hopi tribe, Namingha has been exploring the spirit of his ancestry and his homeland for more than 40 years.

COMMANDING RESPECT: As one of the most prominent Native American artists of our time, Namingha’s voice resonates. His unwavering respect for the earth, deep connection to his family roots and belief in “the communal spirit of the universe” add a profound level of meaning to his works. 

ON VIEW: See Dan Namingha’s work at Niman Fine Art, Altamira Fine Art (Jackson, Wyoming; and Ann Korologos Gallery (Basalt, Colorado; His work will also be on exhibition at the Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff, Arizona;          

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