Colorado’s Historic Hot Springs Loop

Colorado is home to dozens of hot springs. Some have bathhouses and spas; others are simply warm spots in a river where locals gather to soak with beers in hand.

The 720-mile Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop includes 19 unique hot springs venues in five destinations spread across the state. If one could do the entire loop in the span of a couple weeks, they’d be very lucky indeed, as most of us only have the time to visit these places on a weekend.

I’ve been to all five regions and nearly all 19 of the hot springs, so let me enlighten you about my favorite places on this extensive loop.

Photo courtesy of Visit Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs, in Southwest Colorado, is home to one of my favorite hot springs venues in the world, The Springs Resort & Spa. Offering more than 20 pools next to the San Juan River, a serene adults-only area, wonderful accommodations and a top-notch spa, The Springs is truly one-of-a-kind.

Ouray County, Colorado, is an excellent place to visit if you love to soak. And, if you’re okay with a little nudity, Orvis Hot Springs in Ridgway, a clothing-optional venue, has one of the most peaceful environments I’ve encountered during my hot springs experiences.

Lorelei private hot springs at Wiesbaden 

Ouray’s historic hot springs pool is closed for extensive renovations this winter, but there are other spots to soak in town. We adore the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa & Lodge, where Ryan couldn’t get enough of their vapor cave. Plus, in addition to the Wiesbaden’s outdoor hot springs-fed pool, they have a private hot spring that guests and non-guests can rent by the hour.

Photo courtesy of Iron Mountain Hot Springs

I’ve been visiting Glenwood Hot Springs since before I moved to Colorado in 2000, so this 128-year-old pool holds a special place in my heart. However, the new Iron Mountain Hot Springs, located on the banks of the Colorado River, is incredible, so now there are two great soaking venues in Glenwood Springs.

Chaffee County is the site of six hot springs locations including three in private vacation homes along Chalk Creek.

Photo courtesy of Colorado's Historic Hot Spring Loop

We’ve been to Mount Princeton Hot Springs three times, and for us, it represents a true escape, as the location between Buena Vista and Salida is quite remote. I recommend staying here because not only are their accommodations nice, but guests get access to the Spa & Club, an area with adults-only hot springs pools and gorgeous views.

I spent an enjoyable girls’ getaway at one of Chaffee County’s more rustic destinations, Cottonwood Hot Springs. Located along Cottonwood Creek in the woods outside of Buena Vista, this property has an onsite lodge, and cabins that have their own private pools.

Whether you’re looking for hot springs and nightlife or a secluded vacation home with private hot springs, check out the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop online. You’re sure to find the perfect hot spot for you. 

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