Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home

Natural wood adds a layer of biophilic design aesthetic and provides a sustainably-sourced solution for your home's exterior

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How often do most people think about what covers the exterior of their house? Curb appeal is very important to most homeowners and choosing the right exterior siding is an important factor in designing an appealing home.  

Wood is one of the longest-tenured options for exterior home siding.  The natural beauty and resilience of wood provides a connection to the outdoors, helps us feel grounded, and stands the test of time as a classic siding option. There are practical uses as well- shielding your home from the weather, improving insulation, and keeping critters from getting inside.

In addition, wood siding is the more environmentally friendly option.  While vinyl siding is readily available, it has been known to cause toxic off-gassing. Synthetic materials release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a potential contributor to a range of environmental illnesses. In contrast, wood is a carbon sequester. Through sustainably managed forests, we can produce wood siding without further damaging our planet.

Here are three popular choices in today’s market.

Reclaimed Barnwood

Nineteenth century barns can be transformed into beautiful 21st-century exterior siding and benefit the environment in the process.  

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Old barns make an ideal choice for wood reclamation and repurpose. Years of aging and oxidation from the sun produce layers of a cool grey patina and a rugged texture with irregular patterns resulting in a one-of-a-kind beauty.


Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban exterior siding gives a home a rich, textured allure.

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This ultra-modern style is achieved through an age-old Japanese technique using fire to burn the surface of wood in order to preserve it. Wooden boards are burned on each side using machine technology that produces a consistent and even burn throughout the entire board. Then, using a stiff brush, carbon residue is removed from the boards and the material is rinsed with water.  The rich charring effects of the flame application and subsequent brushing with a wire brush creates a unique surface texture which highlights the rich grain of the wood.

Shou Sugi Ban siding protects your home from forces of nature like weather, insects, UV rays, rot and mold. In addition, it is flame retardant, which has made it increasingly popular in Western regions susceptible to drought.  Shou Sugi Ban comes in an array of finish options ranging from soft Scandinavian-inspired natural tones to rich carbon blacks and charcoals, even vibrant cobalt blues and ember reds.

Western Larch

Celebrated for its durable nature, Larch is a popular choice in the Pacific Northwest region.

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Western Larch is a versatile and sustainably-sourced exterior siding option. Larch can be hung in either vertical or horizontal runs and makes an excellent alternative to the often difficult to source cedars. Visually, Larch possesses a unique grain pattern and considerable range in color from a deep reddish-brown heartwood to the yellowish-white sapwood. 

Kevin Weyrauch is the Social Media Manager at Pioneer Millworks, a reclaimed and sustainable wood products company that has been working with homeowners, builders, designers and architects for over 30 years. View their profile or contact the team at their Oregon Showroom at 503.719.4800.

Content for this article is provided by Pioneer Millworks.

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