Choosing the Perfect Bronze Hardware For Your Home

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Whether you are building a high end cabin in the mountains or designing a penthouse in the city, the best made solid bronze hardware is the perfect touch. From minimalist to modern (and everything in between) the handcrafted warmth of bronze hardware complements every aesthetic. Inherently warm, with a solid welcoming feel, luxurious bronze hardware is the perfect choice for the discerning homeowner looking for the highest quality details to complement their decor. 

Here, we guide you through some of the different offerings that pair well with different design styles.


Rmhelement Door Hardware

Element Collection with the Jane lever shown in silicon bronze medium patina

Minimalist hardware allows for the least amount of hardware (with no backplate or escutcheon) and allows features such as the beautiful custom door on the right to really shine. Our minimalist line is one of our newer lines and was developed by request for use in upscale, minimalist homes. All of the hardware shown above has a silicon bronze brush finish.

Yc Golfcourse 0070

Element Collection with Hitch knob shown in silicon bronze brushed patina

Mountain Modern

Krafty Photos Rmh Wilson Wy 4

Rail grip shown in silicon bronze dark lustre

Mountain modern hardware is simple and refined. These images highlight the beauty and organic nature of bronze and how good it feels in your hand. Combined with typical mountain modern elements such as exposed wood, steel and formed concrete, this line of hardware brings a warmth to the design in a contemporary way. 

Element Collection L135

Element Collection shown in silicon bronze dark lustre

Rustic Hardware

� Kevin Syms

Sash pulls shown in silicon bronze dark

Rustic hardware is typically not as refined and simplistic as mountain modern, but rather it possesses more character, with rough finishes and irregularities. Rustic hardware fits beautifully into homes with lots of exposed wood, particularly homes with a “cabinesque” feel.

� Kevin Syms

Flute Collection shown in white bronze medium

Traditional Hardware

7678 220601 Flanigan

Maddox grip show in silicon bronze light

Traditional design favors a more detailed look, incorporating features such as covered chairs, soft fabrics, wallpaper and ornate light fixtures. Traditional hardware has more complexity, with curves and angles and rope and beaded details.

Picture 048

Fleur des Lis shown in silicon bronze medium

Transitional Hardware


A variety of sizes of the Rail cabinet pull and the Tab cabinet pull under the sink all shown in silicon bronze, brushed finish

Transitional hardware sits somewhere in the middle of other styles. With clean simple lines, yet possessing some traditional detail, transitional hardware typically showcases a lighter, warm brushed finish.  It is less bold and, as the example above shows, allows cabinetry to take center stage.

Christine Kirby is the Marketing Director at Rocky Mountain Hardware. For nearly 30 years, RMH has been creating custom handcrafted bronze hardware and accessories of impeccable quality and enduring beauty. View their profile or contact them at and 208.788.2013.

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