Chihuly’s “Colorado” at the Denver Botanic Gardens

The exhibit is over 11 feet tall and has approximately 700 hand-blown glass elements

The Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-see when visiting the Denver area. The mission statement of the Denver Botanic Gardens is: "connecting people to plants through transformation, relevance, diversity and sustainability." They have a very impressive list of exhibits and events that engage their visitors and members. In 2014 the Gardens’ major exhibit was Dale Chihuly’s stunning exhibition with 13 installations strategically placed throughout the gardens. Chihuly stated that “he wants people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced."

He is revered for his talent and ambitious installations throughout the world. In 2014 this definitely happened at the Denver Botanic Gardens, which was Chihuly’s 13th garden exhibition.

Erin Bird, the Communications Manager for the Denver Botanic Gardens, said that the Chihuly exhibit significantly increased the number of visitors last year. In 2013 they had 879,982 visitors; and in 2014 they had 1,415,670 visitors. The Denver Botanic Gardens was the most visited public garden in North America according to the American Public Gardens Association (APGA).

Erin shared that bringing the Chihuly exhibit to Denver was a 10-year process.  The time that it took was well worth it; the membership grew from 27,759 members in 2013 to 43,057 in 2014, and Erin said that the new members are renewing.

Now, through the generosity of private donors, Chihuly's "Colorado" will be a permanent display in the Ellipse Garden. "Colorado" is over 11 feet tall and has approximately 700 hand-blown glass elements. The power of Chihuly is formidable, and the staff of the Denver Botanic Gardens is exceptional.

Walking through the gardens is a delightful experience. Visitors are captured by all of the beautiful flowers and the details of each garden.

The 2015 major exhibition is Deborah Butterfield's "The Nature of Horses" exhibit.  This exhibit opened May 23rd and will close on October 18th.  What is amazing is that these sculptures are bronze castings from her original wooden assemblages.  Each sculpture is stunning and placed throughout Botanic Gardens perfectly.

The major exhibit for 2016 will be announced in October.  

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